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Police officer administering sobriety field test

What to Do About New Year’s DUI Charges

If your New Year’s Eve celebration ended with flashing lights, sirens, and DUI charges, you may be afraid of what 2019 will bring. The holiday season has some of the highest numbers of drunk driving charges of the whole year. But you’re not alone. Here’s what to do if you are facing New Year’s DUI
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Man Yelling in Bar Could be Charged with Menacing

Colorado’s Menacing Law: What You Need to Know

Can you be charged with a violent crime when you didn’t even touch the other person? What defenses do you have if someone takes something the wrong way or finds something threatening that you meant as a joke? Find out what Colorado’s menacing law means, and how it interacts with other crimes like assault, battery
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Man Buttoning Shirt Getting Dressed for Court

How to Dress for Court in a Criminal Case

When you are facing possible jail time in criminal court, everything matters — from the charges against you to how to dress for court. Find out what you should wear to your next court hearing, and why it matters. This blog post will discuss why it matters what you wear to court. It will include
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Handcuffed Soldier Charged with a Crime on a Military Base

Charged with a Crime on a Military Base? Find Out Why Where it Happened Matters

Service-members and their families travel on and off base all the time — to go shopping, visit friends and family, or go to local bars and restaurants. Sometimes those visits can result in criminal charges. But if you are charged with a crime on a military base, will you be headed to a civilian criminal
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Police Responding to Domestic Violence at Home

How Domestic Violence Could Affect Your Criminal Sentence

When an argument with a spouse, former partner, or someone you were in an intimate relationship with gets out of hand, the situation can quickly go from bad to worse. When the police receive a domestic violence call, it can be the start of a cascade that could cost you your freedom, your family, and
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Marijuana Leaves in Drink

Recreational Marijuana and Alcohol Don’t Mix, Legally Speaking

Since recreational marijuana became legal in Colorado in 2012, residents and tourists have enjoyed the freedom to use the drug. However, legalization is not without its limits, and when alcohol enters the mix, it can be far too easy to take things too far. In this blog post I will explain the legal consequences when
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