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Wooden judge gavel with letters covid19

What Colorado Court Closures Due to COVID-19 Mean for Your Case

The Colorado state courts have closed or significantly restricted their services due to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. That has left thousands of Colorado residents wondering what will happen to their new and existing criminal and family law cases. Find out what will be heard now, and what will have to wait until the shutdown
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Colorado Sexual Assault and Rape Charges Explained

Rape is one of the most serious criminal charges you can face. With ongoing sex offender registration and high maximum penalties, one allegation of non-consensual sex can change your life in drastic ways. Find out how Colorado sexual assault and rape charges work, and what penalties come with a conviction. Colorado law breaks up sexual
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Colorado Residents, Police Take Red Flag Gun Control Petitions to Court

Colorado’s Extreme Risk Protection Order law went into effect on the first of the year. Now the results of some of the first “red flag” gun control petitions are in, and the results are mixed. Colorado ERPO Gives Residents, Police a Tool to Prevent Gun Deaths Last year, the Colorado legislature debated and eventually passed
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Medical Marijuana

Can You Take Medical Marijuana While on Probation?

A probation sentence can affect many areas of your life, from your ability to drive to your use of alcohol. But can a judge order you to change your medication? Can you take medical marijuana while on probation? Colorado Medical Marijuana Use Flourishes Every year, Colorado residents across the state register to use medical marijuana.
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Sticky note on concrete wall that reads "Safety First"

Colorado to Issue “Red Flag” Extreme Risk Protection Orders

What do you do when a loved one’s behavior or mental health raises a red flag that they may become dangerous? Under a new law, Colorado judges can issue Extreme Risk Protection Orders to remove firearms from the hands of those who may pose a threat to themselves or others. But what can you do
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Possession of Weapons Charges and the Right to Bear Arms

Thousands of Colorado residents value their Second Amendment right to bear arms.  Thousands more have been convicted of or pled guilty to a felony. When those two statistics overlap, it can create new problems for servicemembers, veterans, and other residents charged with possession of weapons by previous offenders. Colorado Residents Value Their Second Amendment Right
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How to Keep a DUI From Ruining Your Holiday Season

The holiday season from Thanksgiving to the New Year is a time to gather with friends and family whether they live nearby or are visiting from out of state. But when the revelry goes too far a DUI can ruin your holiday season. If you are facing drunk driving charges, find out what you can
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The Most Common Criminal Charges in Colorado

You may have heard that it’s the prosecutor who decides what criminal charges to file against a person who commits a crime. Those charges can depend on what happened, and what evidence the police can gather to back it up. Find out the most common criminal charges in Colorado and what to if you are
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A military veteran wearing his veteran hat

Colorado Veterans Treatment Courts Give Options to Former Servicemembers

Veterans and former servicemembers often face challenges returning from service and making the transition to civilian life. When those challenges result in criminal charges — for drugs, alcohol, or other conduct — it can take more than a jail sentence or probation to turn things around. Colorado veterans treatment courts give those who served our
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