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How to Prepare for Divorce Trial

Your divorce trial may be one of the most important and stressful events of your life. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can make all the difference between presenting a persuasive case and inviting the judge to question your credibility. Here are some tips about how to prepare for divorce trial so that
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Top 10 Tips for Divorce Dispute Resolution

Most divorces don’t go to trial. Over 90% resolve using some form of alternative dispute resolution. It is part of almost every case, and can be an effective way to save time, money, and frustration. Here are our family lawyers’ top 10 divorce dispute resolution tips. Tip #1: Understand Why ADR Works Many of Colorado’s
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What to Do When Your Child is Sick During Scheduled Parenting Time

Every parent hates to see their child sick. You want to make them comfortable so they can feel better as soon as possible. But when illness and scheduled parenting time overlap, it can create questions about which co-parent will care for your child, and whether they need to travel between households. These questions only increase
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Covid-19 Economic Stimulus Check

How Should Stimulus Payments and Child Tax Credits be Handled Between Parents?

Throughout 2021, the federal government has been sending stimulus payments and child tax credits to families across the country. This pandemic relief was essential for many families, but for separated couples and divorced parents, the advanced child tax credits may create more questions, and more legal trouble. Dividing CARES Act 2021 Stimulus Payments When Separated
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Mother and son shopping in a grocery store

Will Your Parenting Time Plan Survive COVID-19?

Every divorce with children or child custody case ends with a parenting time plan. This plan controls who gets time with your children on which days. But no parenting time plan could have anticipated a global pandemic shutting down schools and businesses across Colorado and the nation. What should you do when COVID-19 makes following
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Wooden judge gavel with letters covid19

What Colorado Court Closures Due to COVID-19 Mean for Your Case

The Colorado state courts have closed or significantly restricted their services due to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. That has left thousands of Colorado residents wondering what will happen to their new and existing criminal and family law cases. Find out what will be heard now, and what will have to wait until the shutdown
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Mother carrying her baby girl while writing on a whiteboard calendar

Plan Your Children’s Summer Parenting Time Schedule Now

It may seem strange to talk about summer before the kids have even gone on Spring Break. However, if you share visitation with a former spouse or co-parent, now is the time to pull out your calendars and start to plan your children’s summer parenting time schedule. Summer Break Means Parenting Time Changes Most families
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Couple's Hand With Divorce Agreement And Golden Wedding Rings On a table

What to Do Before Filing for Divorce

The desire for a divorce can come on suddenly or it can build over months or even years. But even when you urgently need to get away from your spouse, there are some things you can do before filing for divorce that will make the process easier and less expensive. Find out what you can
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Couple looking at an adoption form online

Who Can Adopt a Child in Colorado?

If you and your spouse cannot give birth to a child of your own, you want to have a child by yourself, or you are caring for a family member, adoption may be the best way for you to grow and establish your family. But do you qualify? Who can adopt a child in Colorado?
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