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Father and son playing with moving box

What to Do if You Have a Custody Order and Need to Move

Americans live in an increasingly mobile society. We move for jobs, family, and military reassignments. When a family has a custody order, relocation can be complicated. Find out what you need to do if you have a custody order and need to move. This blog post will discuss Colorado Motions for Relocation. It will review
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Cartoon of Husband and Wife Dividing House in Divorce with Saw

How Do Colorado Courts Divide Property in Divorce?

When you are preparing for a divorce, it can be hard to know what belongs to you or your spouse. After all, you’ve built your family’s assets over the course of the marriage. You may not have been keeping track of whose property is whose. If you don’t even know which items are yours, how
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Soldier Holding Toddler

Will Your Military Service Affect Your Claim for Child Custody?

It’s tough being on active duty when you have children. When that comes on top of a divorce or child custody dispute, things can get even tougher. If you are facing a divorce or fighting with your child’s other parent, you want to know: will your military service affect your claim for child custody? This
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Mother with Marijuana Joint

Could a Parent’s Legal Marijuana Use Affect Their Chances at Child Custody?

Colorado was the first state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. That means it is no longer a crime to use or possess a certain amount of marijuana in your own home. But could a parent’s legal marijuana use affect their chances at child custody? This blog post will review whether and how a
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Tax Form 1040

2019 Tax Laws Mean Big Changes for Colorado Spousal Support Awards

The final days of 2018 are ticking down. This New Year will bring with it the full application of the federal Tax Cut and Jobs Act — the big tax reform bill passed in Congress a year ago. But what you may not realize is the new 2019 tax laws bring with them big changes
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Woman Holding Wedding Ring Thinking about Divorce

Thinking About Divorce? When Do You Need an Attorney?

Many people start thinking about divorce long before they ever set foot in a courthouse. A long separation can sometimes help remove the emotion from the divorce process. But when do you need an attorney? Can you do everything yourself, or should you bring a trained divorce lawyer on for help? This blog post will
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Mother and Adopted Son

What Would-Be Parents Need to Know About Colorado Adoption

For many Colorado couples, adoption provides an answer to the question of how they will have a family. For others, a kinship adoption can help keep the family together after something has happened to the child’s parents (or their parental rights). But the process can be intimidating. Here’s what would-be parents need to know before
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Active-duty military parent Hugging Young Daughter

Parenting Time Options for Active-Duty Military Parents

Parenting time can be a challenge for active-duty military parents. Even once you find a schedule that works, deployment orders can change everything in an instant. What can you do when that happens? Do you have any options for exercising your parental responsibilities while you are deployed? In this blog post I will discuss how
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start line - Starting Colorado Divorce

Follow a Colorado Divorce, Start to Finish

Deciding to file a divorce is not usually sudden. Once you have come to the conclusion that your marriage is over and it cannot be saved you probably want the matter to be solved as quickly as possible. But divorce is never easy, and it usually isn’t fast. Follow a sample Colorado divorce from start
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