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Child support agreement on a judge's desk

What Isn’t Included in Colorado’s Basic Child Support

Children and teens seem to have a never-ending list of needs and expenses. But some costs are higher than others. When you kids bills start to add up, you may wonder just how much basic child support is supposed to cover, and if there’s anything you can do to stretch that dollar further. This blog
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school supplies on a desk

Does Colorado Child Support Cover School Expenses?

Modern education is expensive. Parents bear the cost of everything from tuition to tutoring. When you are dependent on an ex-spouse or ex-partner for part of your monthly living expenses, those extra costs can put you in a difficult position. Can the courts help? Does Colorado child support cover school expenses? This blog post will
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Children Wearing Festive Jumpers And Hats Celebrating Christmas At Home Together

Helping Your Children Handle the Holidays After Divorce

The holiday season is stressful for everyone. It comes with holiday parties, gifts to buy, wrap, and give, and of course, awkward moments with extended family. When a family breaks down and parents go their separate ways, it can add even more stress for their children as they try to navigate two households and two
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kids looking at a plane out the window in the airport

What to Do If Your Ex Threatens to Take Your Child Out of Colorado

For many parents in high-conflict or violent relationships, the fear of losing their children can be one of the worst parts of divorce or separation including a custody action. When your ex threatens to take your child out of Colorado, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to work quickly to protect your children
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A young couple smiling going through paperwork at home

When Living Together Turns Into Colorado Common Law Marriage

Imagine that you have been living together with your girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner for several years when you are served with a complaint for absolute divorce. Can you get divorced if you never had a marriage ceremony? What does it take for living together to turn into Colorado common law marriage? In this blog post
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Criminal man with handcuffs being interviewed in interrogation room

Will Your Criminal History Affect Your Child Custody Battle?

Custody disputes can be hard on anyone. Angry spouses or parents can pull all the skeletons out of the closet in an effort to make you look bad and get more time with their children. But how much more do you have to worry if you have a felony or misdemeanor on your record? Will
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A man and woman sitting on a sofa and holding hands

Can You Change Your Mind and Get Remarried After a Colorado Divorce?

Getting a divorce doesn’t mean your romantic life is automatically over. Over time, either or both parties may find new partners, or even change their minds about their former spouses. What are your rights when then happens? Can you change your mind and get remarried after a Colorado divorce? What will happen to your spousal
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Multi-ethnic family members at home sharing a hug.

Colorado Adoption Assistance Law Gives Aid to At-Risk Children

For many Colorado families, adoption can be the answer to a dream of growing their family, especially when natural birth isn’t an option. But when an adoptive child faces personal, health, or behavioral challenges, taking that child into your home can be difficult and expensive. There is money available to help. The new Colorado adoption
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A mother and daughter having a conversation in an urban setting

What Say Do Step-Parents in Child Custody Cases Actually Have?

Blended families and second marriages can lead to blurred lines between parent and step-parent. Children, and even adults, can sometimes get confused about who has authority to make decisions regarding children in the family. When parents share in the allocation of parental responsibilities, it can be hard to know what say step-parents in child custody
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