Civil Rights Law - Discrimination

  • Discrimination

    At Aviso Law, we take discrimination very seriously, and our practice areas reflect that. Discrimination based on race, origin, age, gender or disability are all sensitive and difficult matters, and it takes an emotionally skilled lawyer experienced in civil rights law to successfully handle them. At Aviso Law our Colorado Springs civil rights attorneys are experts in recognizing and defending against discrimination, and we will put our skills to work for you and your interests.

    State and federal laws make it unlawful to discriminate against others on the basis of race, national origin, age, gender or disability. While many discrimination claims arise out of the workplace, discrimination and the deprivation of constitutional rights can occur in a number of areas, including housing, loans and access to public, educational and medical services.

    Though we have made great strides in moving past discrimination, it is still a fact of life for many. While not every act of discrimination results in a lawsuit, they should not be ignored. This is especially true when the discrimination results in significant harm or deprivation of some constitutional right.

    At Aviso Law, we are experienced civil rights attorneys who have represented clients in a wide variety of discrimination cases. Our representation is high-quality and aggressive, yet personalized. Above all, we seek to obtain the best outcome for each client’s individual situation.