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  • First Amendment

    Your First Amendment rights, including the freedoms of speech and expression and the freedom of religion, are promised to you by the constitution, and the civil rights lawyers at Aviso Law are the best choice to represent you when your freedoms are challenged. Serving Colorado Springs, Denver and Douglas County, the first amendment lawyers at Aviso Law have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to assist you when your first amendment rights are challenged and ensure the best possible results.

    The First Amendment of the United States Constitution grants broad protections to the freedom of speech and expression as well as to the freedom of religion.  Despite these constitutional protections, governments, corporations and individuals often seek to restrict these freedoms in a manner that results in a person’s constitutional rights being violated.  Other times, governments, corporations or individuals will seek to compel certain speech or religious practices.  This can also result in a violation of a person’s rights under the First Amendment.

    While citizens do not enjoy an absolute right to the freedom of speech or religion, courts have continuously sought to protect these rights as some of the most fundamental.  Because these rights are fundamental, individuals who have had their First Amendment rights violated can seek to hold those who violated their rights accountable.  Under both state and federal laws, there can be significant penalties to those who violate an individual’s First Amendment rights.

    Because the question of whether a person’s First Amendment rights have been violated can be very complex, it is important for those who believe that their First Amendment rights have been violated to contact an experienced First Amendment Attorney.

    At Aviso Law, we have the training and experience necessary to help you decide the best course of action when facing a possible violation of rights. We have litigated some of the largest First Amendment cases and appeals in recent years, and we have a track record of consistent success. As skilled litigators, courtroom advocates and appellate attorneys, we can help you enforce your First Amendment rights. We are aggressive, yet client-focused and guarantee results and remarkable customer service.