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    At Aviso Law, we understand the difficulties that individuals with disabilities sometimes face in the workplace, and we are experts at defending the rights of disabled individuals. The Colorado Springs and Denver employment law attorneys at Aviso Law are passionate about protecting the freedoms of individuals with disabilities in the workplace, and we have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    Workplace discrimination against individuals with disabilities is unlawful under a variety of laws, to include the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act.  This means that an employer cannot hire, fire, promote, demote, or base salary decisions on the fact than an individual is disabled or has a qualifying disability.

    Generally, in order to qualify for protections as a disabled person, an individual must first have a disability.  A disability is typically anything that substantially limits a major life activity.  Though there are a variety of major life activities that, if limited, can result in protections under disability laws.  In the employment context, a major life activity can include an employee’s ability to perform an essential function of their job.

    If an individual has a qualifying disability (one that substantially limits a major life activity), then the employer must make reasonable accommodations for the individual’s disability.  When following the laws, the employer is required to engage in an interactive process with the employee in order to find ways that the employer can accommodate the employee’s disability.

    Though employers are not required to make every accommodation or the exact accommodation requested by a disabled employee, if an employer fails to make a reasonable accommodation, fails to engage in the interactive process or discriminates against an employee on the basis of a disability, then the employer can be held accountable under both state and federal laws.

    We at Aviso Law are experienced employment attorneys, and we have represented clients against some of the largest Colorado corporations and municipalities. With experience litigating cases under the American with Disabilities Act and expertise in the courtroom, we have gained a reputation as aggressive litigators in and out of the courtroom. With the goal of serving our clients with individualized litigation strategy, we promise to provide you with the best outcome possible.