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  • Employer Retaliation

    At Aviso Law, we understand that employer retaliation can be a stressful and difficult occurrence, and we aim to protect the rights of employees who report illegal behavior in the workplace. Handling matters of employer retaliation takes skill, intelligence and aggressive techniques, and the team at Aviso Law combines all three in their service to Colorado Springs, Denver and Douglas County. At Aviso Law our employment law attorneys are experts in combatting employee retaliation, and we have the experience and client-focused approach necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    Under both state and federal law, employees have the right to report unlawful workplace activity, including discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing or sexual harassment. Employees even have the right to speak on behalf of a co-worker who has experienced one of these unlawful activities. If an employer takes action against an employee for reporting the employer’s unlawful activity, the employer can be held accountable for unlawful retaliation.

    In order to be protected against unlawful employer retaliation, an employee must have first engaged in what is called a protected activity. Examples include reporting illegal acts of the employer, reporting discrimination, reporting harassment or sexual harassment, or filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Colorado Civil Rights Division.

    Examples of retaliation can include termination, demotion, change in salary, change in duties, change in hours or a significant modification of employment conditions. If an employer engages in any of this activity, they can be held accountable under a variety of federal and state laws.

    As experienced employment attorneys, we can help individuals determine if they have experience unlawful retaliation from their employer. At Aviso Law, our experience as litigators and trial attorneys more than qualifies us to provide aggressive, personalized representation to each of our clients. We combine our results-focused tactics with the highest quality representation possible.