Employment Law - Sexual Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment

    Sexual harassment in the workplace should never be something that employees have to tolerate. At Aviso Law, we understand the shame, stress and frustration surrounding sexual harassment in the workplace and are experts in providing patient advice and aggressive guidance to help those facing sexual harassments get the results they deserve. At Aviso Law our Colorado Springs and Denver employment law attorneys have successfully represented many clients in sexual harassment cases, and we have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    Not only is sexual harassment inappropriate, degrading and humiliating, it is also unlawful. Colorado and federal law also forbids employers from retaliating against employees for reporting sexual harassment. Despite these protections, many employees still face the unfortunate reality that they are victims of sexual harassment.

    Sexual harassment can include a wide variety of conduct, as listed below:

    • Touching of a sexual nature by a supervisor or co-worker
    • Promises from supervisors in exchange for sexual favors
    • Inappropriate comments of a sexual nature
    • Unwanted touching of a sexual nature
    • Sexual innuendo
    • Inappropriate joking of a sexual nature
    • Sexually explicit photographs in the workplace
    • Sexually explicit emails within the workplace

    Typically sexual harassment falls within two broad categories: (1) hostile work environment, where sexual comments or workplace conduct creates a hostile workplace, and (2) quid-pro-quo harassment, where an employer promises or threatens something in order to obtain sexual favors.

    Sexual harassment is strictly prohibited in the workplace. If an employee reports sexual harassment, employers have the obligation to seriously investigate the complaint and take actions to stop the harassment. There can be severe consequences if an employer fails to take action in response to a sexual harassment complaint or retaliates against an employee for reporting it.

    We at Aviso Law are committed to representing individuals who have been victims of sexual harassment. With experience litigating against some of Colorado’s largest employers as well as state and federal agencies, we seek to provide the highest quality representation possible and hold employers accountable for all unlawful conduct.