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    It has been a longstanding principle of American labor law that employees should be compensated for the work they perform, but many employers fail to pay employees their required wages, whether intentional or not. When faced with this situation, contact the employment law lawyers at Aviso Law to successfully resolve all your wage and hour issues. Serving Colorado Springs, Denver and Douglas County, the employment law attorneys at Aviso have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    While some employees are exempt from overtime laws, such as professions requiring advanced degrees and managerial positions, most employees are not exempt. When an employer fails to pay required wages, there can be severe penalties under both Colorado and federal law. For most cases, employers must pay regular wages and pay overtime when an employee exceeds a forty-hour work week. Some employers refuse to pay employees overtime and others categorize workers as independent contractors when they are really employees in an attempt to avoid paying overtime.

    There are also strict requirements regarding the full and immediate payment of compensation owed when an employee is fired or laid off and severe penalties for employers when they fail to comply with these laws.

    At Aviso Law our attorneys are experienced in wage and hour matters, and we have brought cases against some of the largest employers in Colorado. Whether the employer is a municipality or a large corporation, we aggressively represent our clients and seek to obtain the best results possible. Recognized as some of the best trial lawyers in the state, we are not afraid to take cases to trial if employers refuse to engage in meaningful settlement negotiations.