2018 Veteran Small Business Owner of the Year

Aviso Law, LLC

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2018 Veteran Small Business Owner of the Year

Our Story

We are a Colorado law firm with offices in Colorado Springs and Denver, dedicated to serving clients and providing tailored advice to guide them through life’s challenges. We have hundreds of cases under our belts in the areas of criminal defense, family law, employment law and military law. We are respected professionals, with reputations and professional skills that we have built through our diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Breaking the Mold

We’re not your typical law firm. We don’t wear fancy suits (unless we have to in court) and we don’t hide behind big desks. Reflective of our military roots, we strive to serve. We understand the legal process can be confusing and frustrating, which is why we work with our clients to get results. We promise to be respectful, diligent and fairly priced to provide the best legal representation.

Proven Success

To us, success isn’t measured by the years we’ve sat at a desk but rather by the careers we’ve built, the contacts we’ve made and the thousands of clients we’ve served to protect careers, families, educations and reputations. We developed our careers in Colorado’s military and civil courts, successfully defending clients from all walks of life. We come highly rated by our clients and have received professional recognition for our work.

Client First

Every attorney will tell you they put their clients first, but it’s how we go about it that makes us different. We understand the difference between being prepared and aggressive in court, while being understanding and pragmatic in a client meeting. Being realistic and easy to work with from a client standpoint and in the courtroom saves clients money and time, while still receiving the best service and outcome.