Colorado Criminal Defense - Domestic Violence

  • Domestic Violence

    Any crime that involves two people in an intimate relationship can be labeled as domestic violence, including assault, harassment, stalking, kidnapping, burglary, battery and trespass. At Aviso Law, we understand serious nature of domestic violence crimes, and our service areas reflect that. Domestic violence is a sensitive and difficult issue, and it takes an emotionally skilled lawyer experienced in handling matters of domestic violence to successfully work with clients and achieve their goals. At Aviso Law our Colorado Springs and Denver domestic violence attorneys are experts in defending individuals who have been charged with domestic violence crimes, and we have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    Crimes that meet the criterion for domestic violence can have very serious consequences on judicial process. Arrests are common when law enforcement officers respond to domestic violence calls, and arrestees are placed on no-bond-holds where they are not permitted to post bond until appearing in front of a judge. A judge will then issue protective orders and bond conditions that prohibit contact between the people involved in the incident and any children who may have witnessed it. After the initial hearing, domestic violence cases are usually placed on a fast track and scheduled much more quickly than most cases. At Aviso Law, our attorneys are capable of navigating the expedited judicial process and difficulty surrounding domestic violence cases and should be involved as early as possible.

  • Effects of a Domestic Violence Conviction

    Though many crimes classified as domestic violence are misdemeanors, the domestic violence label can have broad sweeping and long-term effects. Under the Lautenberg Amendment, those convicted of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence are not permitted to own or possess firearms, which can result in loss of employment for law enforcement officers and military members. Additionally, those convicted of domestic violence crimes have more difficult and closely supervised probations. Divorce or child custody proceedings are also made more difficult.

    Our attorneys have significant experience representing both men and women charged with crimes of domestic violence. Because domestic violence crimes can have such a significant impact on a person’s life, we at Aviso Law are committed to our clients’ domestic violence cases and dedicated to getting the best results possible.