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Aviso Law’s criminal defense practice group in Colorado Springs seeks to provide the highest quality of representation to its clients.  We recognize that our criminal defense clientele each have unique circumstances that require careful considering as part of our representation.  Whether our clients are government employees, military members, corporate executives or students, we strive to provide each client with tailored representation that to achieve the best possible outcome in each situation.

What to Expect when Hiring Aviso Law’s Criminal Defense Team

Our clients should expect to receive high-quality individualized representation.  In providing this tailored representation to each client, we understand that some cases require aggressive litigation while others require a more nuanced touch.  We recognize that when facing criminal charges or investigations, its necessary to achieve successful outcomes that have the least impact on our client’s lives. As part of our representation, we work to identify what outcome best suit each client’s needs, and what individual strategy is most likely to accomplish that result.  

The Average Process in our Client-Centered Representation

Because most people have not had first-hand experienced with the criminal justice system, we seek to help our clients understand the process so they can meaningfully participate in their own defense.  In each of the phases below, we work with our clients towards achieving the best possible result given their individual circumstances.

  • The Investigation Phase.  In many instances, we work with clients who have not yet been charged but are facing an investigation from law enforcement or other governmental agencies.  In such cases, we work to aggressively to determine what steps are necessary to avoid prosecution and to take investigative steps of our own to influence the outcome of ongoing investigations.  With decades of experience dealing with government investigations, our attorneys have assisted countless clients in avoiding criminal prosecution.
  • The Pre-Trial Phase.  Once criminal charges have been filed, we work with clients to review the evidence in the case, to develop and gather additional evidence, to conduct investigations, and to develop strategies towards achieving the ideal outcomes.   Whether that strategy is aggressively fighting the charges or a more nuanced and cooperative approach, we work closely with our clients to determine what is in their best interest given their individual circumstances. In all cases, we work with clients to ensure that criminal charges have the least impact on their individual lives, professions, and circumstances.
  • The Trial Phase.  Though the reality is that most criminal cases do not go to trial, our criminal defense attorneys have a vast amount of trial experience and have obtained great results when cases do proceed to trial.  Having collectively tried well over 100 cases, our criminal defense attorneys are capable and confident in the courtroom. Whether the cases involve a one-day misdemeanor trial or a months-long complex criminal or white-collar trial, we are able to provide the highest quality of representation at trial, and we are confident that our lawyers will be the best trial attorneys in the courtroom.

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Colorado Springs

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