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  • Criminal Defense of Military Members

    At Aviso Law, we understand the difficulties and nuances surrounding criminal defense of military members, and we serve the Colorado Springs area with expert criminal defense services. Being charged with a crime is a wholly different matter for a military member, and it requires the acumen of a lawyer skilled and experienced in military law. At Aviso Law our military law attorneys are experts in navigating the consequences of criminal charges for military members, and we have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    When a military member is charged with a crime in civilian court, there can be serious consequences.  Not only can civilian criminal charges affect a service member’s military career resulting in an administrative discharge, non-judicial punishment or even court-martial, civilian charges can also carry lengthy prison sentences and other strict restrictions that can uniquely affect military members.

    In addition to long prison sentences and lengthy probation, there can be other consequences of a civilian conviction that might seriously impact a military career.  One example is if a military member is convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor.  Because of the Lautenberg Amendment, if an individual is convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence crime, they are not permitted to own or possess firearms.  In many instances, and without skilled representation, this can result in a service member being administratively discharged from the military.

    Another example of civilian criminal allegations affecting military members is with DUI, DWAI and drug offenses.  A conviction for an alcohol related driving offense will typically result in military members receiving a letter of reprimand placed in their official file.  A drug offense will typically result in the mandatory initiation of separation proceedings.  In either case, it is important to be represented by a skilled military lawyer who is not only familiar with the civilian criminal justice system, but who is also a skilled military lawyer familiar with the military’s unique and often complex legal system.

    Because being charged with a crime by the civilian authorities can have serious consequences civil and military consequences, it is important that military members charged civilian crimes be represented by attorneys who are experts in both the civilian and military legal systems.

    The attorneys at Aviso Law have experience representing hundreds of civilians and military members charged with crimes.  With experience representing  military members charged with crimes in civilian court, and expertise with military law and the UCMJ, the lawyers at Aviso Law provide military clients with a full scope of representation in order to obtain the best possible results in the both the civilian and military legal systems.  With the goal of providing individually tailored representation, the attorneys at Aviso Law seek to provide the highest quality representation possible.