Military Law - Court Martial Appeals

  • Court Martial Appeals

    Being convicted at summary, special or general court-martial can be a life-changing event and can result in lengthy incarceration. But courts-martial aren’t always fair or error free, and any military member has the option to appeal their conviction. At Aviso Law, our military law attorneys have represented military clients in some of the nation’s highest-profile appeals. With significant appellate experience, and also a background as trial lawyers, we are experts in the area of military law and the military appeals processes. We serve the Colorado Springs area with the ultimate combination of amazing customer service and aggressive, individualized representation.

    Each military branch has its own court of criminal appeals that hears all of the cases out of the trial level courts and has the authority to reverse convictions and correct errors at the trial level. The next level above the criminal appeals court is the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF). This court consists of judges that are appointed by the President of the United States. CAAF hears a select number of cases that are appealed from each service’s court of criminal appeals. The CAAF is the highest-level appellate court in the military. The only higher appellate court than CAAF is the United States Supreme Court.

    Though military members have a right to be represented by appointed lawyers at the appellate level, these attorneys do not always have the appellate expertise as civilian military appellate attorneys. We, on the contrary, have experience in both areas and can represent you effectively to get the best possible results.