Colorado Criminal Defense - Sealing & Expungement

  • Sealing & Expungement

    Sealing and expunging criminal records are both possible in Colorado and often preferable because of the negative effects that criminal activity can have on employment, schooling, and military service. At Aviso Law, we understand the importance of being able to expunge and seal records, and our skilled criminal law attorneys have the acumen to help protect your reputation. The expert attorneys at Aviso Law are able to quickly guide you through the processing of sealing or expunging records, and we have the experience, skill and client-focused approach needed to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

    Whether a record can be sealed or expunged is decided by the type of offense. The basic rule in Colorado is that records of criminal convictions and criminal proceedings cannot be expunged. However, there are certain circumstances in which expungement or sealing is possible. These include: (1) juvenile offenses or convictions, (2) convictions where there was a deferred judgment or where the charges were dropped, and (3) certain drug offenses. Under these three circumstances, and with representation by a capable attorney, it is possible to recover from the reputation damaging effects of criminal convictions.

    With their considerable experience as lawyers, the team at Aviso Law has sealed and expunged criminal records in nearly every jurisdiction in Colorado. Because of this experience, we have developed an approach that, in most cases, results in prompt sealing or expungement. With our signature client-focused service, we can quickly and efficiently accomplish the goals of our clients who seek to seal or expunge their criminal records.

  • Juvenile Records

    Juvenile criminal records are the only type of records in Colorado that can be totally expunged. Expungement essentially wipes an individual’s slate clean and is dependent on the type of crime committed and how long ago the crime occurred. Though some law enforcement agencies have access to the expunged records, other agencies, such as the military may not.

    The attorneys at Aviso Law are eager to help clients expunge juvenile records. With a goal of providing personalized service to each client, we believe that our clients should be able to move beyond youthful mistakes and lead productive, peaceful lives.

  • Deferred Judgment Convictions

    Deferred judgments or suspended sentences typically result from plea deals reached between a defendant and prosecutor. If all the terms of a deferred judgment are met, at the end of an agreed-upon period of time, the judge will dismissed the charges and enter a finding of not guilty.

    Under most circumstances, once a deferred judgment is successfully completed, a person may apply to have their records involving the case sealed. Compared to juvenile convictions where records are expunged, sealed records are hidden from standard criminal database searches.

    At Aviso Law we have helped countless clients seal records in numerous locations across the state of Colorado. With the ability to quickly prepare an application to seal criminal records and a dedication to the well-being of our clients, our lawyers provide prompt and quality representation to clients seeking to seal their criminal records.

  • Drug Offenses

    Due to changing attitudes about drug use, Colorado laws now permit criminal records from certain types of drug offenses to be sealed, depending on the date of conviction, the type of drug offense, and how much time has passed since the conviction. The important years to remember are 2008 and 2011. As a general rule, drug convictions prior to 2008 cannot be sealed, some individuals with drug convictions between 2008 and 2011 can seal criminal records, and those with drug convictions after 2011 can often seal their records.

    But these rules are only general, and the specific rules regarding the sealing of drug convictions can be very complex and technical. The advice of our skilled attorneys at Aviso Law is invaluable in these circumstances. With the knowledge and know-how to guide clients through highly technical rules, we have the ability to seal criminal records from drug offenses while providing individualized client care.