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When trouble arises between family members, it can be emotionally draining and legally complicated. Family law can be one of the toughest types of cases because it is personal for everyone involved. With that much on the line, you need an experienced family law attorney by your side to provide you knowledgeable advice, and diligent advocacy that keeps your goals and priorities front and center.

Aviso Law represents men and women in all types of family law cases, including divorce, custody, and adoption. At Aviso Law, our experienced Colorado Springs-based family law attorneys will personally meet with you to review your circumstances and your options to protect you and your family’s interests.


When your marriage ends, you will be faced with difficult decisions and a lot of emotional strain. You and your spouse may have agreed to resolve your marriage through an uncontested divorce, or you might worry that you are in for a fight. Either way, Aviso Law’s family law attorneys are there to guide you and stand beside you in the Colorado courts.

Division of Marital Property

An essential part of any divorce action is dividing up the homes, vehicles, financial accounts, and other property you and your spouse accumulated during your time together. Our family law attorneys can help you identify, put values on, and prioritize your assets. We will help you create a division of marital property that honors your needs and Colorado divorce law.

Child Custody

Child custody is the heart of family law. The allocation of parental responsibilities can be one of the toughest decisions you and your former partner need to make when the relationship breaks down. As part of a divorce or a stand-alone action between unmarried parents, child custody issues require emotional intelligence and attention to the best interests of children and parents alike. Aviso Law’s family law attorneys have worked with parents, grandparents, and spouses to get to what is best for the children.

Child Support

Raising a child on your own can be difficult, and expensive. Children are entitled to financial support from both parents. But setting the right level of child support can sometimes be difficult. Our family law attorneys understand how to make the most of the Colorado child support formula to make sure you and your children both have what you need.

Spousal Maintenance

Leaving a marriage can feel like a financial cliff for stay-at-home parents and others who rely on their spouses’ income to live their lives. But spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony or spousal support) can make the transition to single life easier. Our family law attorneys know how to use the Colorado spousal maintenance guidelines to get you the temporary and ongoing support you need to live your life after the marriage is over.

Military Divorce

Active-duty servicemembers and veterans face unique challenges in a divorce or family law case. From protecting your VA disability benefits to addressing custody and parental responsibilities in the face of deployment, you need a family law attorney who understands military life. At Aviso Law, our family law attorneys are veterans themselves. We understand the obstacles military members face when going through a divorce. We will guide you through the process and point out the challenges that set your family apart from the civilian cases in Colorado courts.

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When divorce or custody issues arise, you need an attorney who knows how to handle the legal and emotional parts of your case. At Aviso Law, our family law attorneys are here to help you and your family. We will meet with you to discuss your options, and stand with you in court and out until you have a Dissolution of Marriage or Allocation of Parental Responsibility order in hand. We want to serve you and give you the support you need. Contact us today to meet with a Colorado family lawyer.