Colorado Criminal Defense - Drug Crimes

  • Drug Crimes

    Though the news may reflect that the war on drugs coming to an end, drug crimes in Colorado are still a serious matter, and a conviction can result in lengthy incarceration and severely impacted employment, schooling, housing, and the ability to obtain loans and scholarships. When faced with a drug crime conviction, enlist the experience of the knowledgeable Colorado Springs and Denver attorneys at Aviso Law. Our drug crime attorneys are experts on litigating drug-related charges, and we have the acumen, skill and client-focused approach needed to help you fight drug charges and reach the best possible outcome.

    The severity of a drug crime depends on a number of factors, including the amount of drugs possessed, the intended use (personal or for distribution), whether a person was caught in the act of selling the drugs, and whether a person has prior convictions for drug offenses or has been involved in transportation or with drug cartels.

    Though sentences for drug offenses can be severe, there has also been a shift in attitude in how drug crimes should be prosecuted and how offenders should be sentenced. For this reason, a number of jurisdictions, including Colorado Springs and Denver, have created drug courts that give sentences and hold offenders responsible but also focus sentences more toward rehabilitation and recovery.

    With the complexities of drug court, lengthy sentences and the harm caused by drug crime convictions, it is important for those charged with drug crimes to obtain attorneys that are experienced in litigating drug type offenses. The Aviso attorneys fit that profile with drug crime experience in Colorado Springs, Douglas County and Denver. Whether our clients are military members, business professionals, athletes or students, we at Aviso Law advocate for the best possible results for our clients.

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance

    Possession of a controlled substance charges can vary depending on the type of drug possessed and the amount of the drug in the person’s possession. Drugs are classified into five different schedules based on severity. Schedule I and II drugs, which include cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamine, some prescription drugs and MDMA, carry the most severe penalties for possession while lower schedule drugs carry less severe penalties.

    The amount of drugs in a person’s possession can also impact the severity of the charged offense. Possessing more than four grams of a controlled substance receives harsher penalties, while possession of up to two grams of a controlled substance is considered a less severe crime. A person’s knowledge of possession and the circumstances under which police discovered the possession also can impact the case. At Aviso Law our attorneys know the right defenses to aggressively represent those charged with drug crimes and achieve the optimal outcome.

  • Distribution of a Controlled Substance

    As discussed above, distributing controlled substances is a serious and morally reprehensible crime that carries a lengthy sentence. Unlike possession for personal use, those convicted of distribution will in most cases serve a term of incarceration.  

    Because of the potentially lengthy prison sentence, those charged with distribution crimes should seek to be represented by attorneys that accurately advise on prison time and successfully negotiate the best possible plea deal.

    In light of lengthy sentences and a real possibility of incarceration, the team at Aviso Law seeks to aggressively represent those charged with distribution of a controlled substance. By providing clients with accurate advice on sentence length, negotiating strong plea deals, and when necessary for the best result, defending clients at trial, we work tirelessly to get the best possible results for our clients.