Colorado Criminal Defense - Internet & Computer Crimes

  • Internet & Computer Crimes

    Internet and computer crimes can be very serious and, depending on the specific crime alleged, can carry lengthy prison sentences and require the aggressive, expert assistance of a technology savvy lawyers with experience handling internet and computer crimes cases. In addition to carrying severe penalties, computer crimes can also be complex due to the digital forensic evidence that is often used by both the prosecution and the defense. Because of this, attorneys representing those charged with computer crimes must be great litigators and trial attorneys with a strong grasp of the science involved with this type of tech-oriented crime.

    Not only do our lawyers at Aviso Law have experience representing individuals charged with computer crimes and a strong technical grasp of digital forensics, we also have close connections with some of the nation’s premiere experts. With these tools, the lawyers at Aviso Law are well equipped to handle the technological aspect of these cases and guide clients through this stressful and confusing experience.

  • Hacking

    Hacking involves gaining unauthorized access to a computer, database, network or system. Prosecutors take hacking of any type of system very seriously. While many cases revolve around intentional acts, it is not uncommon for somebody to make an innocent mistake. Regardless of how charges are brought about, hacking and unauthorized access cases are very technical. The prosecutor must prove that a defendant’s computer accessed something without authorization and that the defendant was operating the computer during the unauthorized access. Forensic evidence in such cases comes from multiple sources and therefore requires experts and lengthy investigations. Over the course of our careers as experienced trial lawyers, we at Aviso Law have litigated numerous hacking and unauthorized access cases in federal, state and military courts. With the ability to understand digital forensics and a network of some of the nation’s best experts, the lawyers at Aviso Law will seek to aggressively defend against charges of hacking and unauthorized access. In addition to providing top-quality services, we pride ourselves on the ability to personalize representation and defense for each of our clients.

  • Child Pornography

    The possession, production and distribution of child pornography are all very serious crimes that are prosecuted aggressively and can result in lengthy prison sentences. Like many computer crimes, there is a highly technical aspect to child pornography cases. This is because prosecutors must prove that the defendant knowingly possessed or distributed the child pornography and also that the person depicted is underage. Prosecutors determine this with digital forensic evidence and scientific testimony from experts.

    The Aviso Law team has not only prosecuted numerous child pornography cases on behalf of the United States government, they have also defended clients prosecuted for possession, distribution and production of child pornography. Because of these experiences, the attorneys at Aviso Law are able to aggressively represent clients who are facing child pornography charges.