Colorado Criminal Defense - Juvenile Crimes

  • Juvenile Crimes

    When a child is charged with a crime, it can have far-reaching consequences on both the child and child’s family. Juvenile convictions can interfere with college plans, eligibility for military service, employment and personal relationships. Because Colorado law recognizes the decision-making and developmental differences in juveniles and adults, a juvenile system has been established that can help juveniles avoid the long-term impacts of a criminal conviction.

    Juveniles and adults in Colorado can be charged with the same crimes, but the court systems are organized such that the adult system is geared toward punishment and the juvenile system is geared toward rehabilitation. Still, juvenile charges are serious matters and can result in incarceration, removal from parents and sometimes the same sentences as adults.

    Because of the significant impact of being charged with a criminal offense as a juvenile, and the even greater impacts of a conviction, it is important that the juvenile and their parents jointly decide to obtain the representation of a lawyer who can alleviate the pressure of this type of conviction and guide them toward a favorable outcome. The skilled attorneys at Aviso have represented juveniles facing offenses ranging from minor drug and assault charges to very serious sexual assault charges. With an approach of providing top quality representation while also guiding families through a very difficult process, we seek to offer the very best representation for our clients and their families.